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No Surprises

Our Vision is to be the best consulting choice of clients needing assistance in developing or enhancing their project management programs and their effectiveness

Our Mission

To support our clients in setting and achieving their objectives by developing and applying proven project management methodologies to minimize risks, and to optimize resources and schedules to provide operationally effective project delivery.

Areas of Expertise

  • Project Management Systems and Processes

  • Project Life Cycle Project Management

  • Operational Readiness Planning

  • Tailored Project Management Support Services

Sector Experience

  • Mining & Metallurgy

  • Aluminum

  • Steel

  • Energy

  • Industrial

  • Information Technology

  • Petro – Chemical

Professional Services

  • Design and implement Project Management Systems and Processes

  • Facilitate Project Delivery, including:

      • Managing across the entire Project life cycle

      • Project Review and Recovery

      • Project Planning and Scope Development

      • Auditing and project rescue

      • Plant shutdowns and outages

      • Risk Management

      • Independent Peer Reviews

      • Project team support and mentoring

  • Develop and conduct Onsite Customized Project Management Training

  • Develop and manage Operations Readiness Process, Reviews, and Plans

For more information on Austin Mattson Project Management (AMPM) Consulting, LLC, please contact us at:

AMPM Example Achievements

  • Led and helped author the development and implementation of a Stage Gate-based Project Delivery Model and Project Management System, and its worldwide application on all Alcoa major projects. This system has been rolled out on all Alcoa major capital projects from Scoping to Project funding, execution, Start-up and attainment of production on specifications.
  • Led development of Alcoa Project Management Enhancement Process for major capital investment and sustaining capital projects and integrated it into the organization’s structure.
  • Developed Independent Peer Review process and Operational Readiness Review process and conducted numerous expert project audits and reviews for Alcoa capital projects.
  • Represented US Steel in complicated Alliance Partnership agreements with two major EPCM’s, and led development of an Alliance Project Delivery System for managing its capital projects.
  • Led Program and Project Management Organization of Alpla Inc. of North America and authored the development and implementation of the Project Delivery Model and Project Management System, and its worldwide application on all Alpla major projects.
  • Developed and implemented LyondellBasell Operational Readiness Process integrated into existing company global projects Project management process.

Austin’s experience, acquired over his 40 years of experience in manufacturing operations and on major projects in the institutional and industrial sectors, is unique in the sense that he has always been at the service of Project Owners and Investors. AMPM Consulting has been defending Owners’ and Investor’s interests, ensuring that their projects are well defined prior to the final “Notice to Proceed”, and that they are delivered on time and within budget without compromise or surprises.

We are ready to meet with you at your convenience to discuss your project management views and requirements and how AMPM’s expertise can be most beneficial. Should you require any clarifications or information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

About Us

Austin C. Mattson II

Owner, Principal Consultant

M: 541-951-4706
F: 888-550-6694
[email protected]

Austin has a combined 40 years of experience in manufacturing and project management leadership positions.  Austin is currently the owner and principle consultant of AMPM Consulting LLC. He is a Manufacturing, Project Management and Operational Readiness subject matter expert.

Austin has led and developed project management processes, procedures and system implementations for global application at various companies such as Alcoa, USS, Alpla Inc. and LyondellBasell.  He also co-developed the capital project management system now utilized at Penn State University. In addition to developing and assisting in implementations of project management systems, Austin also provides mentoring and coaching to develop personnel in all aspects of project management.

Austin was promoted through several project and program management positions within various Alcoa divisions, and then elected to Global Primary Products Growth as principle Executive Global Project Controls Technical Consultant. Austin also held project management leadership positions with Delsaer International (Project Management Consulting) as COO, and at Alpla Inc., as Director of Program and Project Management.

Austin worked in manufacturing for Union Carbide, Allen Bradley, Nypro Inc. and the Timberland Manufacturing Company covering nineteen years of progressive manufacturing management, including 12 years as a plant and general manager.

Austin holds a MScPM from the George Washington University and was a PMP (1999 – 2019).  Austin achieved an ABT in Organizational Strategy and Project Management PhD.  Austin is a former Marine Corps Officer.

Austin is married to Linda, and they live in Shady Cove, Oregon.  They have three grown children, and seven grandchildren (one more on the way).

Professional Associations

  • Member, The Project Management Institute (PMI),1999 – 2019
  • On-Site Evaluation Team Member, Global Accreditation Center (GAC), The Project Management Institute (PMI), 2008 – 2018
  • Member, Advisory Panel, The Project Management Institute (PMI), 2005 – 2009
  • Member, Construction Industry Institute (CII), 2006 – 2009
  • Member, Board of Advisors, Construction Industry Institute (CII), 2008 – 2009
  • Member, Board, Independent Project Analysis (IPA), 2008 – 2009
  • Member, Indianapolis Chapter (1999 – 2009), Pittsburgh Chapter (2004 – Present) and Risk Special Interest Group (2005 – 2006) of The Project Management Institute (PMI)
  • Member, Research Team 241 (Optimizing Construction Input in Front End Planning), Construction Industry Institute (CII), 2006 – 2008
  • Member, Association for the Advancement of Cost Engineering International (AACE), 2006 – 2009
  • Member, Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE), 1988 – 1997; Senior Member, 1997 – 2005

Contact Us

Austin Mattson Project Management Consulting, LLC

M: 541-951-4706
F: 888-550-6694
[email protected]

Recommendation from JEM Advisors

“Over the course of a year, JEM Advisors has had the pleasure of working with Austin Mattson when supporting one of our mutual clients. Austin had overall responsibility to develop and implement an Operational Readiness process, and integrate it into the company’s project management process. Austin was identified as the project lead and was our ‘point of contact’ to assist in this effort for the duration of our engagement with this program. Austin had already developed significant quality work process documentation, but he was very receptive to incorporate our suggestions for modifications to develop the highest quality product in the best interest of the client. This amicable relationship led to the documents being approved and integrated into the client’s project management process within the prescribed timeline. Austin demonstrated his quality leadership and project management skills when leading the project Operational Readiness Reviews which were conducted along the project lifecycle at designated review control points.

The implementation of the Operational Readiness process (including reviews) was severely impacted by the COVID – 19 pandemic. It was during this period that Austin led a seamless transition to a virtual working climate, including the application of online tools and technologies. This change ensured the process implementation remained on schedule.

We found Austin to be extremely well versed in project management which proved to be instrumental when executing this Operations Readiness program. Austin’s professionalism is clearly evident, continuously focused on the client’s needs, as well as developing good working relationships. He communicates well with the Project Professionals and Operations Leaders managing the projects under review, and he positively conveys the intent of such reviews as a means of continuous improvement. He has a very meticulous way of delivery which was key to the success of this project.

Austin’s expertise would be an asset to any organization looking to improve Project Management or Operational Readiness performance. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Austin, and we look forward to future opportunities.”

– Jenny Meyer

President & CEO
JEM Advisors